AA022 – Debris Screens Bag of 50

Debris Screens Bag of 50

Price: $42.00

AA027 – Mounting Board w/Brackets 24″

Mounting Board w/Brackets 24″

AA035 – Dema MixRite 572(CW) Injector

Dema MixRite 572(CW) Injector – AA035

The DEMA MIXRITE chemical injector is a wall mounted chemical mixing pump that automatically provides a chemical and water mixture to an Aqua Air Chemical/Water outlet. The MIXRITE will create mixture ratios from 1:25 to 1:250. The wall mounted MIXRITE can draw chemical from 1, 5, or even 55 gallon containers providing a steady and reliable chemical solution throughout the building. Ideal for larger veterinarian clinics, boarding facilities and large scale car washes. Perfect for many high concentration disinfectants.


  • The DEMA MixRite can be disassembled with bare hands.
  • It can be serviced while attached to a wall.
  • All seals are easily replaceable.

AA071A – Knitted Hose Soc

  • AA071A Hose Soc-Knitted Slip-On 30′ – Grey

AA073 – 30′ Padded Hose Soc

  • AA073 Hose Soc-Padded 30′ with Zipper – Blue

AA076 – Wet/Dry Hose – Internal

  • AA075 Wet/Dry Hose-Internal-Gray 1.5″ x 15′
  • AA076 Wet/Dry Hose-Internal-Gray 1.5″ x 25′
  • AA077 Wet/Dry Hose-Internal-Gray 1.5″ x 30′
  • AA079 Wet/Dry Hose-Internal-Gray 1.5″ x 40′
  • AA080 Wet/Dry Hose-Internal-Gray 1.5″ x 50′

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AA091 – Auto Detailing Hoses

  • AA091 Auto Detail Hose & Tool 1.5″ X 25′ with exterior spray
  • AA092 Auto Detail Hose & Tool 30′ with exterior spray
  • AA095 Auto Detail Hose & Tool 25′ with interior spray
  • AA096 Auto Detail Hose & Tool 30′ with interior spray

AA111 – Prespray Hoses with Nozzle

    • AA111 – 30′ Prespray hose with short nozzle
    • AA112 – 40′ Prespray hose with short nozzle
    • AA113 – 50′ Prespray hose with short nozzle


      In addition, Aqua Air offers a Pre-spray wand: AA115 which teams up with hoses: AA224, AA225, AA226, and AA227


AA111 – Water Hose

  • AA111 Prespray Nozzle with 30′ Hose
  • AA112 Prespray Nozzle with 40′ Hose
  • AA113 Prespray Nozzle with 50′ Hose


AA115- Pre spray wand.

Used for many applications.

The most common use is for chemical pre spray before cleaning.

AA124 – Auto Detail Cleaning Station

Auto Detail Cleaning Station

AA131 – Wet/Dry Water and Vacuum Surface Mount

Wet/Dry Water and Vacuum Surface Mount

-Surface mounts are used in a location where in-wall outlets are not possible.
-Constructed of pvc and brass fittings.
-Contains a standard central vacuum suction port and brass quick connect water outlet.
-Suction is connected with a standard 2 inch central vacuum pipe.
-Water is connected with 1/4 inch fitting
-Has two switch options for turning on the vacuum system by using a toggle switch or by plugging into the suction port. (Depending on how it is installed)

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