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Do you find yourself at a loss on how to clean surfaces that have wet soils on them? Worry no more. The leaders in total cleaning solutions, AQUA-AIR have come up with the AQUA-AIR wet/dry total cleaning system. This system will take care of your dry vacuuming needs while also cleaning up surfaces that are muddy, or wet!

The AQUA-AIR wet/dry total cleaning system has a spray on water unit that can deploy hot water on demand. This, when coupled with the rinse and suction squeegee presents a total cleaning solution. This means that you are able to reach hard packed dirt in carpets, car upholstery, and hard floors among other surfaces.

Residential uses

The AQUA-AIR wet/dry total cleaning system is ideal for the home setting where it can clean carpets and fixtures. The system is able to clean, rinse and dry which eliminates the need for mops and buckets. The AQUA-AIR wet/dry total cleaning system is able to handle all kinds of situations; from pet accidents to party spills.

The AQUA-AIR WET/dry total cleaning system is the perfect total cleaning solution making you work faster and quieter.

Car upholstery

The AQUA-AIR wet/dry system is able to deploy hot water just enough to loosen hard packed dirt on the upholstery so that is can be vacuumed easily. The dirt is lifted by the suction action of the squeegee making cleaning surfaces in private cars, buses and even trains a blitz.

Pet care

Your pet’s living space can sometimes be a mess that often needs cleaning using water and then rinsing dry. The AQUA-AIR total cleaning systems gives you the opportunity to do all that in one action. This total cleaning solution will ensure your pet stays clean, dry, healthy and happy.

Food service

Places that deal with food and drinks have to deal with all sorts of spills and dirt in the kitchen and on the service floor. This can be taken care of even as customers are eating, with little disturbance. The AQUA-AIR wet/dry total cleaning systems operates quietly and works faster with no discomfort to your customers. This is the perfect total cleaning solution meaning you don’t have to empty the café to clean up.

The AQUA-AIR wet/dry total cleaning system is ideal for cleaning many other surfaces such as;

  • Offices
  • Factories
  • Schools
  • Convenience stores
  • Hotels and motels
  • Churches and temples
  • Hospitals

These are just a few places among many that you can think of. The AQUA-AIR wet/dry total cleaning system will handle almost any surface due to its versatility. It will also save you time, money and is the total cleaning solution for any situation.