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A wet/dry vacuum unit like the AQUA-AIR wet/dry total cleaning system would be a welcome change if you are faced with the challenge of cleaning up dirt that is packed or on awkwardly shaped surfaces. Cleaning hard packed dirt or mud can be a frustrating affair. Normally, you first wet the dirt to loosen it, then scrub it and finally rinse the surface dry. These are three separate actions. This is time consuming and costly if the cleaning is being done for a large area like an office building.

The wet/dry vacuum system has a central air vacuum with a spray on water unit and a suction and rinse squeegee. This means it can do all the three cleaning actions at one go. This has some obvious and immediate benefits over the traditional dry vacuum.


The surfaces which can be cleaned by the wet/dry vacuum unit can only be limited by imagination. The unit is versatile and able to handle cleaning in;

  • Homes
  • Office buildings
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels and motels
  • Day care centers
  • Pet care centers
  • Old age homes
  • Cars, buses and trains

These are just but a few of the places where this unit can be deployed with high success. The wet/dry system comes in different motor power. The higher the motor power, the faster the central air vacuum unit can work.

Save on cost and time

With a wet/dry system, you work faster which means shorter wage hours and a lower cleaning bill if you are a business. If you are in a business that sees a lot of customers walking in and out, you will need to keep it constantly clean especially when it’s wet and muddy. The wet/dry cleaner beats the mop and bucket when it comes to non-disruptive cleaning.

AQUA-AIR wet/dry total cleaning systems have central air vacuum units that emit less noise than the traditional dry central vacuums. This is very crucial for a setting such as a hospital or a day care center where noise is unwelcome.

Deeper and better cleaning

Some surfaces like hard floors or car upholstery are notoriously difficult to clean. You have to keep in mind that they don’t dry easily so you cannot pour as much water as you would like. This means dirt does not loosen enough for easy scrubbing.

The wet/dry central vacuum unit solves this quandary by spraying on just the right amount of water needed to unpack the dirt. The central air vacuum unit then suctions and instantly dries the surface. With only a few passes you get deeper cleaning for those hard to clean surfaces.