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Are you a restaurant owner looking for a solution to your cleaning and sanitation needs? Well, we got exactly what you are looking for! Poor cleaning and sanitation is one of the sure ways to run a restaurant down the drain. In addition, poor sanitation not only poses a great health risk to your customers but also would land you into trouble with the authorities. However, by using the aqua air in your restaurant, you will achieve the highest cleanliness and sanitation standards in your eatery.
Why go the Aqua Air way?
Considering the great importance of your restaurant’s cleanliness, you will need to consider using an effective cleaning partner. Aqua air ensures that you enjoy a restaurant cleaning experience that you will not regret. With the incorporation of technology in your cleaning, you are assured of quality. Moreover, the use of technology means better dirt disposal mechanisms. Advantages accrued by using aqua air include:
Faster cleaning
You definitely would not like to disrupt your customers as they enjoy their meals. Therefore, you need a faster cleaner that still assures you of quality cleaning. More to that, it is quick to set up since it only requires you to plug the hoses/tools to the wall outlets and you are good to go. This allows you to minimize time consumed when cleaning and still ensure quality.
Zero noise when cleaning
Unlike other vacuum cleaners which produce annoying sounds and vapors, the aqua air is the game changer in restaurant cleaning. With its quiet cleaning and non-emission of vapors, you can quickly clean spills and debris without disturbing customers.
Better cleaning
Rarely will you find a cleaner that cleans quickly, produces no noise and still delivers top notch cleanliness. This restaurant vacuum ensures that the surface is spotless clean and dry without leaving any traces of stains.
Using the system
The central power unit is kept in a remote area in the restaurant. This helps in eliminating noises thus allowing for restaurant cleaning at any time. Cleaning stations are mounted on the walls throughout the restaurant for convenience. Additionally, vacuum and water tubing can be run from the surface or inside the wall back to the power unit. The cleaning tools or hoses are kept on shelves or hung on racks for use when the need arises. The system is always ready for restaurant cleaning and only requires you to simply insert the hoses on the cleaning stations mounted on the walls.

With such an effective restaurant vacuum, you are can rest assured of never hearing complaints about cleanliness in your enterprise. This is the sure way to maintain top hygiene standards in your restaurant.