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Keep your pet facility clean with the total cleaning system.
Do your pets fall ill often even after trying out various cleaning solutions? Would you like a long term solution for your pets’ problems? Most veterinarian facility owners do not know the ideal way to keep their pet’s environment clean. Majority of the pet illnesses are caused by dirt which can easily be controlled. With the total cleaning system, you can rest assured of a new kennel cleaning experience. In addition, you are assured of eliminating all the dirt and germs that pose a health risk to your pets.
Why use the total cleaning system?
Unlike other kennel cleaning systems, the total cleaning system has the ability to eliminate stubborn germs. Additionally, the system allows you to dispose the dirt effectively thus no dirt remnants around the pet facility. Using the total cleaning system comes with numerous benefits such as:
Thoroughly cleans and deodorize the pet facility
With the incorporation of technology in your kennel cleaning you no longer need to worry about the quality of cleanliness in your dog grooming facility. Courtesy of the Aqua-Air Wet/dry, you can remove soil and contaminants around the kennel and flush them down the drain. The surface is sprayed with a hot cleaning solution which is then vacuumed leaving the surface dry, residue free and clean. With this process, you can eliminate ineffective cleaning methods that continue to redistribute contaminants and soil to your pets’ environment.
Boost your kennel cleaning abilities
The total cleaning system is designed to ensure your pet lives in a dirt and germ free environment. This is made possible by the availability of dry vacuum tools and accessories in Aqua-Air wet/dry. Additionally, this system incorporates hot water delivery and extraction to the cleaning equation.
• Healthier and totally clean environment
Introducing an effective cyclonic water filtration system that is directly connected to the sewer, you are guaranteed of 100% dirt and germ elimination.
Pocket friendly price
Compared to what you would spend on purchasing ineffective cleaning systems for your dog grooming facility, the total cleaning system is way cheaper. This allows you to save a considerable amount of cash that can be used in developing the entire veterinarian facility.
Rarely will you find a kennel cleaning system that is affordable and still guarantee you results. The total cleaning system surpasses all other central vacuum cleaners in terms of quality and effectiveness. The total cleaning system is highly recommended for people with veterinarian clinics or dog grooming facilities.