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What Is a Central Vacuum System?

A central vacuum cleaner is all about keeping your home as clean and healthy as possible. A central vacuum is designed to pick up all dust and debris using a light-weight hose that sends all particles through piping that is installed in your walls or floors to a permanently located, out-of-the-way canister. It can be installed during construction or after the property has been built.

How Does a Central Vacuum Work?

Gone are the days when you had to lug around a heavy vacuum cleaner, banging the walls and your legs just to move from room to room. With a central vacuum cleaner, all you need to carry around is a cleaning attachment on the end of a light-weight hose.

When you are ready to clean, you connect the cleaning attachment to the wall or floor-mounted inlets that lead to pipes that are inside your walls or floors. Depending on the area that you want to clean, choose the right accessory to connect to the end of the hose.  All of the dust and debris that the hose picks up goes through these pipes to be emptied into a recipient canister that is usually located in your garage or basement.

When you have finished one area, you unplug the attachment and connect it to another inlet closer to the new area that you want to clean. It’s that easy!

3 Reasons Why You Need a Central Vacuum Cleaner

You know what it is and how it works, so why do you really need a central system vacuum cleaner?

1 – Easy to Use: Portable vacuum cleaners are usually heavy, and you have to be careful with the power chord. With a central vacuum cleaner, you only have to carry around a light-weight hose and plug it into the receptacles that are installed in your walls or floors. The garbage canister is also much larger so you don’t have to constantly empty it.

2 – Cleaner Air: Unlike a portable vacuum cleaner that recycles dust back into the air via the exhaust, when you vacuum with a central air system all of the dust and debris sucked up goes into receptacles that carry the garbage through pipes directly into a recipient canister in the garage or basement. The air is cleaner, and your floors look spotless.

3 – A Smart Investment: When you install a central vacuum cleaner, you are not only investing in a cleaner and healthier home; you are also adding value to it. You also save money because they last longer and don’t have to be replaced as frequently as a portable vacuum cleaner. And because the powerful motor is located in your garage or basement, it cleans better and is quieter than a standard vacuum.

Aqua Air highly recommends homeowners to install a central vacuum cleaner because they are user-friendly, the central system helps keep your home’s air cleaner, and it’s a smart investment.  There are different types to choose from, and it depends mainly on your specific needs and your budget.

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