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Having a clean home is an excellent way to bring peace of mind, clarity, and further enjoyment of your atmosphere. One of the marks of a spotless home is making sure all surfaces have been dusted, but even when you’ve done that, how do you know your home is truly dust-free? Sometimes traditional methods don’t completely do the job.

In fact, regular vacuuming is ineffective at removing dust mite allergens. Researchers have found that rotating brushes in vacuums can actually kick up dust further. But we’re here to offer tips to completely rid your home of dust.

What Causes Dust?

Dust comes in two categories: visible dust and dust so small you can’t see it with the naked eye. Visible dust can build up in corners, create balls of gray fluff, and accumulate on surfaces. Microscopic dust may not be visible, but it collects in high concentrations and can affect your health.

Unfortunately, dust is produced by a wide range of sources, including humans (who shed tiny skin particles), pets, pollen, clothing, carpets, and dust mites. To stay on top of dust buildup, you can use regular housecleaning methods, including some less-obvious tricks.

Bedrooms and other main rooms should be cleaned on a weekly basis, including dusting, shaking out bedding and rugs, spraying down surfaces, and more. Dusting can be done with special sprays, but a damp cloth is equally effective to remove dust. Closets are also an important place to monitor dust. You can do so by washing clothing you haven’t worn in months, reducing clutter, and wiping down closet surfaces.

Dusting Tips

Aside from dusting and vacuuming, there are other methods to reduce dust mites: Wash bedding on a weekly basis in hot water. Avoid buying non-washable items like sheepskins or other upholsteries. Wash pillow covers and other cushion covers regularly, as well as stuffed toys and any other cloth items in your home.

Another excellent way to control dust is by installing higher efficiency furnace and air filters in your home. These filters will catch a larger portion of airborne dust and reduce the chore of dusting around the house. Just be sure to clean and change the filter regularly.

Central Vacuums Effectively Remove Dust

Though regular vacuums are ineffective at removing dust, central vacuums can resolve many of the dust issues in your home. Aqua-Air Wet/Dry Vacuum is a total cleaning system that can handle all your needs and vacuum away both wet and dry soils with the same equipment.

This central vacuum system uses a spray-on cleaning solution that is followed by a rinse and suction squeegee process to dry. The Aqua-Air Wet/Dry will minimize abrasive soil and eliminate chemical residues, meaning your home will be cleaner and more dust-free than ever before.

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