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Animal Care Use

Cleaning System for Veterinarian Offices

The AQUA-AIR Wet/Dry introduces state of the art technology to drastically improve the appearance and sanitation of your Animal Care facility by removing the soils and contaminants out of the environment, and flushing them down the drain. A hot cleaning solution is sprayed on the surface then rinsed and vacuumed away leaving the surface clean, residue-free and dry. Eliminate the antiquated cleaning processes of heavy portable vacuums, unsanitary mops and buckets, brooms and dusters and any system that re-distribute soils and contaminants back into the environment; by installing an AQUA-AIR Wet/Dry Total Cleaning System in your facility. This simple, fast and effective system drastically cuts labor and equipment expenses.

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Enhance your cleaning possibilities for Veterinarian Clinic Cleaning

The AQUA-AIR Wet/Dry built-in Kennel Cleaning System is unlike any other built-in vacuum system. AQUA-AIR gives the best in dry vacuum tools and accessories while adding hot water delivery, an optional built in chemical dispenser and easy extraction to the cleaning equation. This gives you a more effective and faster clean. Using the AQUA-AIR you will no loner have the need for spraying down kennels with a hose and using a squeegee to push water into the trench drains. With the AQUA-AIR there is no need for trench drains because the system will dispense water and then suck it back up and flush it down the drain. Accidents, spills and messes are now not a problem when you have the AQUA-AIR built-in system in your facility. Clean grooming areas, kennels, hospitals, entry ways and even the bathrooms.

A Healthier and Total Clean with the AQUA-AIR Wet/Dry

Consider the importance of reducing bacteria and germs by sending them through a 100% effective cyclonic water filtration directly into the sewer. This is a much improved alternative to using mops, buckets and portable vacuums that re-distribute allergens and contaminants throughout your indoor environment. Good in-door air quality is important for animals, employees, and customers. Give us a call today so we can discuss your facility and give you all the information you need about Veterinary and Kennel Cleaning.

The Uses are Endless

Information about using the AQUA-AIR in a veterinarian establishments and AQUA-AIR Tool Kits for Animal Care Facilities.

AQUA-AIR Cleaning System for Veterinarian clinics, kennels, pet hospitals, and groomers.

AQUA-AIR is featured in Builders Exchange Magazine in an animal pet rescue shelter.

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Much More than a Dry Only Central Vacuum System! Aqua-Air Wet/Dry provides the best central dry vacuum capabilities while adding hot water delivery and wet vacuum extraction to the cleaning equation.