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High-Quality Car Detailing Vacuum Cleaner

Aqua-Air Wet/Dry has a system especially designed for Auto Detailing. Aqua-Air Built-in systems are used every day to clean, shampoo and then vacuum car interiors, seats and upholstery. Aqua-Air systems can be found in small one man detail shops, in new car dealership service bays, on up to major mass transit train maintenance facilities. They have even been installed in marinas to keep boats sparkling clean. Aqua-Air’s ability to spray hot water is ideal for cleaning car carpets and upholstery. The controlled water jet puts just enough water down to lift dirt out of the fabric without saturating the material. When combined with a soap and chemical pre-spray even the toughest vehicle cleanup is made easier. An Aqua-Air Wet/Dry Built-in Total Cleaning System is mounted on the wall or in the utility room, out of the way of vehicle and workers. All hoses can be kept off the floor protecting workers as well as the vehicles.
Auto interior cleaning is made easy with the AQUA-AIR Wet/Dry system. A Completely Automated Built-in Cleaning System for auto detailers and detail shops. Bischoff Car Wash & Detail of Salt Lake City, Utah testimonial.

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Get rid of your portable extractors

Aqua-Air eliminates messy portable extractors that are prone to high maintenance and need to be dumped out way too often. With Aqua-Air the dirt and water are flushed down the drain automatically without the mess. Throw away the buckets, mops, and stop wasting precious time.

Light Rail or Bus Depots

Multiple Aqua-Air power units can be used to create a modular system, meaning each power unit runs independently from the other. In a large maintenance facility such as a light rail or bus depot, there is maximum power at every cleaning station, whether you have one worker or a dozen. A system can be designed for any volume of traffic through the facility, large or small.

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Much More than a Dry Only Central Vacuum System! Aqua-Air Wet/Dry provides the best central dry vacuum capabilities while adding hot water delivery and wet vacuum extraction to the cleaning equation.