Dema Chemical

AA035 – Dema MixRite 572(CW) Injector

Dema MixRite 572(CW) Injector – AA035

The DEMA MIXRITE chemical injector is a wall mounted chemical mixing pump that automatically provides a chemical and water mixture to an Aqua Air Chemical/Water outlet. The MIXRITE will create mixture ratios from 1:25 to 1:250. The wall mounted MIXRITE can draw chemical from 1, 5, or even 55 gallon containers providing a steady and reliable chemical solution throughout the building. Ideal for larger veterinarian clinics, boarding facilities and large scale car washes. Perfect for many high concentration disinfectants.


  • The DEMA MixRite can be disassembled with bare hands.
  • It can be serviced while attached to a wall.
  • All seals are easily replaceable.

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