Asked Questions

“Internal” on our product means that the water/solution hose is located inside of the main hose.

All of our models available are 130, 150, 158, 230, 250, 258, Portable.

Model 130 is our least expensive.

Model 158 is our most popular.

Keep replacing the debris screens often and make sure the canister is rinsed and cleaned out, along with the hose and tooling.

We do not offer any leasing or financing options at this time.

Yes, our vacuums are a great option for big companies/industries.

Yes, model PU6.6RES is a portable vacuum model.

Each of the models hold 5 gals before they automatically drain.

Our vacuum’s do automatically drain into the sewer.

Model 258 is our most powerful. You can add multiple booster’s to the unit to make it more powerful, or add additional user’s.

Yes, our vacuums are suitable for cleaning flooded basements.

Yes, we have models suitable for shops but it really just depends on how big your shop/garage is.


Our vacuums are suitable to clean up chemicals but not hazardous materials .

Yes, are vacuums are suitable for heavy duty industrial use.

Yes, you need one floor drain for the vacuum to empty into.

It sounds like you have a problem with your daughter board in your power unit. If you want to give us a call we could try a few things to help you troubleshoot your problem over the phone.

You would run your piping off of the machine just like you would to a regular wet port. This piping would run into the top of the dry interceptor. From the dry interceptor you would then run a port out to a dry only location. Make sure that the port running to the interceptor is only used for dry suction only.

Yes you can connect hoses to achieve greater length, but as for a side note the longer the hose the more chance you will have of losing suction. Suction is lost with longer hoses due to the rigged hoses.

The very first thing to check would be the flapper assembly right under the drain. If the flapper gets a buildup it will not seal properly and you will lose suction out the drain. Also make sure the cones up inside the power unit are clean. If it is a 2 motor system make sure both exhaust ports are blowing. You can also undo the piping that goes into the power unit and check the suction at the power unit and if it is normal there then something could be wrong in the pipes or a port is open. Let me know if any of those help.

Are you using the cen-tec power head? The dirt sensor will read any debris the vacuum is picking up. As long as the vacuum is picking up debris the light will remain red on the power head. I would check and make sure that the power head is clean and not clogged. Please let us know if you are having any issues. We want our customers to get the best out of their equipment and satisfaction.