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Central Vacuum System Installation Guide

Installation of a wet/dry system such as the Aqua Air Wet/Dry Total Cleaning System is different from installing a dry system, but not difficult. The power unit needs to be placed in a frost-free location, such as a heated basement to avoid freezing. A connection to a sewer drain is needed to dispose of filtration water and soil. Connections to the water system near the main unit are needed for hot rinse and cold filtration water supplies, but these don’t need to be anything unusual. A typical garden-hose connection and shutoff will do the job.

Installation of vacuum tubing throughout the home is similar to that of traditional central vacuum systems, though it does require some special installation techniques. For wet cleaning operations, there are hot water outlets installed beside the vacuum inlets to provide a hot-water rinse source. Hot water is supplied to these outlets though approved flexible tubing. These water outlets are leak-free, with quick-connect attachments that are always on and ready for an emergency cleanup.

For active households and busy people who care about the quality of their indoor environment, the Aqua-Air Wet/Dry ‚ Total Cleaning System, one of the leaders of today’s new generation of central vacuum systems, offers the right technology at the right time.

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Much More than a Dry Only Central Vacuum System! Aqua-Air Wet/Dry provides the best central dry vacuum capabilities while adding hot water delivery and wet vacuum extraction to the cleaning equation.