AA004 W/8.4 – Model 258 Heavy Duty Central Vacuum Unit & Wet Extractor with 2 Motors

283 CFM 14 amp, each motor 120 volts. Power Unit (motor canister) 14" x 33" Debris Separation chamber 14" x 47"
Sanitary Drain Requirement: Each power unit will need a drain source. You should have the plumber provide a 2” drain source as close to the floor as possible, in or along the wall, directly below where the power unit will hang (illustrated in the AA Residential Installation Manual) or the power unit can drain into a mop sink if you prefer, or even into a floor drain if necessary.
Electrical Requirements: For power unit installation you will need two 110v 20 amp dedicated electrical circuits. It is best to have the dedicated electrical outlets at about 6-7’ height and to the left of where the power unit will hang.
Hot water shut off valve located by power unit to supply water outlets throughout the building
Water Requirements: Each power unit will need a cold water connection for filtration. Your plumber can provide this as a spigot with a garden hose connection or a ball valve with ¼” MIPT to connect the cold water to the hose to the power unit. Two power units in the same room could share one shut off valve (water spigot, ball valve, etc.).

Product Description:
  • Dual Canister System: Power unit is attached to Debris Separation Tank
  • Dual Canister Units provide easy cleaning in high volume dirt and debris situations
  • Two 8.4″ Extractor Motors, 2 stage, High Efficiency, epoxy coated sealed bearings
  • Each motor rated at 146″ Water Lift
  • 283 CFM
  • 14 amp, each motor
  • 120 volts
  • Suitable for up to 10,000 square feet
  • Separation Tank and Power Unit can be mounted separately from each other
  • Power Unit (motor canister) 14″ x 33″
  • Debris Separation chamber 14″ x 47″
  • Ideal for large boarding kennels and detail shops

Part Number: AA004

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